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What integrations does Wooflash have for the LTI standard?

Wooflash was designed to integrate into the environment used by teachers.

For Moodle, Wooflash already has a plug-in. For other Learning Management Systems (LMS), Wooflash has two versions of the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard to integrate with a wide range of LMS such as Blackboard and Canvas:
LTI 1.1
LTI 1.3

How to set up LTI integration?

The settings are made between the Wooflash technical team and the University's LMS administrator so that on the University side the Wooflash tool is integrated and on the Wooflash side we can validate that the LMS can connect to Wooflash via LTI.

What does LTI integration allow?

For teachers:
Once the setup is done, each teacher can create a Wooflash activity directly in their course within the LMS. They will then see the Wooflash interface directly in the course.

For students:
Each student can be connected to the Wooflash course via their LMS account and can directly start the Wooflash activity without having to create a new account or login.

Updated on: 18/04/2023

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