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Which question-types can we find on Wooflash?

Several types of questions are available on Wooflash.

Informative content

Home screen: this screen will appear first when studying the chapter to which it belongs.
Content capsule: share content, image, video.
Slide: share content, image.
Video: insert a video.
PDF/ PPT: transform your PPT slides or PDF pages into questions.


Multiple Choice Question
Flashcard: memory sheet for self-assessment.
Short answer: write one or more words.
Label on image: find the labels.
Fill in the Blanks
Sorting: classify the concepts.
Matching: link concepts together.
Categorization: group concepts by categories.
Essay: written question.
Find on Image: locate an area on an image.
Audio: listening and writing.
Find a number: answer with a number
True or false
Math expression: answer with a mathematical formula
Script Concordance Test: evaluate decision-making
Judgment Concordance Test: evaluate judgment.
Interview: the students responds with a video.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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