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How does the "Script Concordance Test" (SCT) work?

What is the SCT and what is it used for?

The CPASS (Centre for Applied Health Sciences Education; editor's note) of the University of Montreal describes the Script Concordance Test as "an instrument for assessing reasoning in the context of uncertainty. Although it was designed and developed in the health sciences, this test can be used in all professional fields."

The Script Concordance Test:

Places the candidates to be assessed in an authentic professional context.
Confronts these candidates with a problematic situation, probes their reasoning and gives them a score by comparing their answers to a reference panel.

How does it work?

Students are given a description of the case, along with a hypothesis (or option in the case below) and additional information. They are then asked to use a Likert scale to indicate the impact of this new information on the hypothesis. The exercise ends with a comparison of the students' answers with the opinions of a panel of experts in the field.

The Script Concordance Test on Wooflash

When you create a SCT on Wooclap you already have the experts' opinions.

Step 1: Create the question

Fill in the required fields (case description, hypothesis, and additional information) and specify how many experts chose each proposition on the Likert scale.

Step 2: Student side

Once the students have responded, use the "correct answer" button to compare the students' answers on the Likert scale with those of the experts.

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Updated on: 15/06/2021

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