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Statistical monitoring by group

Wooflash already allows you to create student groups; at your request, you can now follow the results of each group thanks to dedicated statistics. In particular, this allows you to go further in the personalization of teaching.

Here is how it works:
Once on your course, click on "Create a group".

Name this group, then save.

Add your students to the group, moving them to the desired group(s).

Click on the "Statistics" icon.

You will then be able to visualize the results of your different groups, as below.
NB: By clicking on the bar displayed at the top right of the statistical table, you can change the group (as indicated below).

NB: You can also add your students to groups by clicking on "Invite" then sharing the link.

NB: You can also access the individual statistics of each student and see their personal progress table.

Updated on: 28/01/2022

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