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Public content on Wooflash

At the request of users, it is now possible to give access to your course to all Wooflash users.

This feature corresponds to several needs:

Get inspired by other Wooflash courses
Share the results of your work
Save time with pre-existing content

This shared course feature is optional

Share your course with all Wooflash users

Two steps :
Go to "Share a course"
"Make the course public".

Your course will then be visible and importable by other Wooflash users.

Import a shared course

Go to the "Shared courses" area
Import the course of your choice

You can preview the content of a course

To find the course you are looking for more easily, you can filter by category

Import questions directly into your course

When you create your questions on Wooflash, you can import questions created by other users

Click on "Import questions
Click on "From shared courses
Select your course
View and import questions

The questions will be imported directly into your course.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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