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Is there any charge for Wooflash?

The first 5,000 answers generated on your Wooflash account are free: you will be able to use Wooflash unlimitedly and for free until this use.

After that, your statistics will not be updated anymore. Several possibilities are then available to you:

Keep it free: by sponsoring your friends or by volunteering for co-construction workshops
Upgrade to a paid subscription starting at €1.99/month
Ask your institution to launch a pilot project (a free, no-obligation, institution-wide test phase of Wooflash for the Semester)

Are you interested in launching a pilot phase? Contact us here
You want to take a subscription for Wooflash licenses? Contact us at the following address:
You have sponsored 3 colleagues who have created their Wooflash account and wish to benefit from your extra credits? Contact us at the following address:

Updated on: 15/06/2021

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