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Generating content with AI in Wooflash

Quiz Wizard artificial intelligence is integrated into Wooflash! Generate MCQs & flashcards in seconds using AI to create Wooflash courses at lightning speed

How to use artificial intelligence in Wooflash in 5 steps:

Login to Wooflash.

Create a course, choose whether you want to make an adaptive or linear course, then choose “create my course with AI”.

Pick the source you'd like to use to create your questions.

Choose the type of content you would like to create.

Click on “Generate content” and watch AI create your course in a matter of seconds!

Adapt your content

Once the AI-generated content appears, it’s essential to proofread it and adapt it to your audience:

Verify the right and wrong answers the wizard has chosen(the wizard is very powerful, but he is also liable to make mistakes, so just keep an eye on what he suggests!)
Ensure the questions are relevant to your topic.
Adapt the wording of the question to your students, their level and your teaching style.

You can make changes to any of the questions or answers by clicking on them and changing the text.

Note: You can disable AI features in your account settings, click on your “profile” at the bottom left of the Wooflash home screen, click on “settings”, then go to the “Artificial Intelligence” section:

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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